Manufacturing Services.

we at PM Industrie are one of the leading Manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing service provider in Bengaluru, with over 25+ years of association with marine, automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceuticals, military and defence, medicine, healthcare, and electronics industries.

our manufacturing solutions have a wide variety of capabilities ranging from milling, sawing, planning, tapping, drilling, turning, boring, and grinding. with our outsourcing program assists companies with research and development, suggestions for improved design, and production planning.

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Table Size

3.60*1.80 ft

Supply Ability

1000 Sets/Year

Cutting Rate

49.21 ft/min

Our Offerings

Turnkey Projects

Reverse Engineering

Precision Component

Special Process Machine Manufacturing

Process & Capabilities

CNC Machining, Vertical Miling, Stamping,

Welding, Laser Cutting


Design & Development