PM Industries we are one of the leading sheet metal and structural fabrication Service provider in Bengaluru, which Includes precision Metal Fabrication, Manufacturing, Prefab, Construction assemblies and handling turnkey projects.

As a full-service metal fabricator, we fabricate precision metal products, heavy steel structures, Industrial tanks, electrical & electronic enclosures., sand coded piping spool fabrications. By also offering value-added services combined with engineering, design, Laser cutting, fitting, welding, testing, finishing, painting, assembly and installation.

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Table Size

3.60*1.80 ft

Supply Ability

1000 Sets/Year

Cutting Rate

49.21 ft/min

Our Offerings

Heavy Structure and Enclosure fabrication

Tanks & Vessels Fabrication

Turnkey Projects

Onsite Structure erection and high mast towers and poles manufacturing

Process & Capabilities

Solutions: Laser cutting, Welding, Fitting, Punching, Bending

Type: Flat, Round, Square, Oval, Rectangular,& Angled structural

Material: Mild Steel, Aluminum, Stainless-steel